Note that this information is for FALL 2022 to SPRING 2023

The Student Account Calculator is a helpful interactive tool that full-time undergraduate Tufts students can use to estimate their bill balances in advance of the semester eBill being released in July and November. THIS IS NOT A BILL. Actual charges will be billed electronically by the Bursar.

After you have selected your Enrollment Status, Housing, Meal Plan, and Insurance options, enter your financial aid and other expected resources. Your current financial aid award information is available in SIS. For returning students, award information for the upcoming year is released in late June. Please note that Work-Study is an earnable award that is never credited to your bill.

Also note that the Student Account Calculator cannot account for the changes in financial aid for students who are studying remotely or commuting. We recommend that you also contact your financial aid counselor if you have any questions about this type of estimate.

Students can also use the Calculator to get an idea of how living off campus, living in a different housing tier, studying abroad, or changing a meal plan may impact their bill based on the current year’s costs and financial aid award. The Calculator cannot account for possible future year changes in financial aid.

In these cases, if you are currently a First Year or Sophomore looking ahead to Junior year, be sure to select “Junior” as your Current Class Standing. This will allow you to select any Housing or Board Plan combination that is available.

  FALL 2022 SPRING 2023
Aid/Resources FALL 2022 SPRING 2023
Tufts Loan
Federal Subsidized Direct Loan
Federal Unsubsidized Direct Loan
Federal PLUS Loan
Outside Scholarship(s) (see policy)
Alternative/Private Loan
Other resource not listed above